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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tom's show

A review by Justin Camilleri of the recent Tom Jones concert was re-produced here on the Tom Jones international website:

As the crowd waited eagerly the concert kicked off with opening guitar riffs from Sugar Daddy, while the lights fired up from the stage out of nowhere the man himself appeared dressed in a cool black suit that fitted him like a glove, as he belted out those Bono penned lyrics from his latest album 24 hours we knew we were in for a real show.

Indeed those verses sum up Jones’ real-life virile persona that shows no signs of waning even after four decades as the roaring tiger has now morphed into an immortal Welsh dragon sprouting fire on stage. Despite showing his grey mane, Tom certainly does not look his age as he moves and exhumes the energy of a 40-year-old, more so in Give A Little Love.

Just as Jones’ If He Should Ever Leave You bolstered the party mood with that magnificent voice that has not aged, we were immersed in a feast of top notch Vegas-style musicianship that was simply eye candy for the masses.

Classiness came to the fore with Thunderball. As Tom’s macho high – octave notes propelled those Bond-ish lyrics which clearly he was born to perform; the audience cheered at that heartfelt thunder strike of drums and bass accompaniment. The song’s verse ‘the winner who takes all’ rings true as this was a reminder as to how in recent times they don’t write Bond themes like they used to.

The international legend managed to whisk us back in time with the 1960s timeless classics of the likes of Delilah; She’s a Lady, What’s New Pussycat? and It’s Not Unusual, but what gave the crowd the goose bumps is the timeless Green, Green Grass Of Home, my personal favourite, indeed a priceless piece of National Welsh treasure, no wonder Elvis the King was mesmerised by this song, the first time he heard it. Members of the audience swayed their hands religiously and I thought to myself, if people from all walks of life are not touched by the beautiful refrain, then there is clearly something wrong with them...

Preview of concert

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