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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The CIA in Malta

For the last 23 years, Jim Galbreath worked in news and current affairs at the BBC as a lighting cameraman. He has filmed extensively around the UK and in around 40 countries. In an interview on, he describes his 'proudest broadcasting moment':

..We were filming in Malta on a Lockerbie documentary - one of several I worked on. The Maltese authorities had always disputed the claim that the Pan AM 103 bomb had been loaded at its Luqa Airport. Central to the story was the claim that the bomb had been wrapped in clothes traced to a shop - Maryʼs House in Valetta. Testimony from various interviewees indicated that it was by no means clear as to who, and exactly when, the items were bought. To pursue this further, an interview was fixed with Maltaʼs chief of police. We turned up to interview the chief early next morning. As we waited outside his office, three very large Americans in dark government-issue suits walked past us and down the corridor. Suddenly, the interview was off. We established later that they were CIA. We were at the heart of a massive international story. The film and its conclusions still ring true today...

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