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Friday, September 04, 2009

Nothing better than the real thing

Justin Camilleri was part of what he describes as 'probably the biggest Maltese contingent for an outside concert outside of Maltese shores'. He says that the August gig at Wembley will live in the hearts of all U2 fans:

..The pinnacle of the show had to be With Or Without You as Wembley was transformed into a gigantic discotheque as the mirror ball effect resonated all throughout the stadium. While the audience shouted for more before the atmsopheric finale of Moment of Surrender, Bono asked the stage lights to be dimmed down, and there you had it Wembley Stadium was transformed into a galaxy of mobile phones.

This was undeniably a lavish event. U2 have continued to cement their position as a great rock band to be reckoned with, as their live performances, magnificent stages, outstanding lights, projections and special effects bring that sense of grandeur to outside venues giving their audience a great time and a show with attitude, atmosphere and excitement. After years of watching and listening to U2 through various mediums, there’s nothing better than the real thing!!

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