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Friday, May 29, 2009

Forget Sharon, the Duke of Lamarcop sounds like much more fun!

Never have I received so many invites to 'parties' as I have in these last few days. I must admit it has been mostly my fault for 'befriending' most MEP hopefuls via Facebook. Here are indeed some characters I look forward to meeting in the streets of Valletta, come Friday 03 July.

A Street Theatre Performance by Azar Teatro

Following the enormous success in the Malta Arts Festival last year with Spanish Blood, Azar Teatro from Spain are back with another street theatre performance, Barroco-Roll.

Barroco-roll is a grimacing bloomer, a stinging amusement, a satirical madhouse, a court game, a Court ready to play with everyone. A spectacular staging, suitable for everyone.

A court in the style of Versailles goes out into the town in order to meet the people; The Duke of Lamarcop, in charge of the military, the vigorous royal doctor, Count Von Vaskenstein, Amadeus Alfonsus, the scatterbrained court musician, and two unusual Maids of Honour, the spectacular Meninin Monroe and the intriguing widow, LaVenenoSA, are the retinue who accompany the lavish Royal Carriage, in which H.R.H King Rey Distintus I is seated.

During the visit, it becomes very obvious that the monarch suffers from horrendous stomach problems with all the foreseeable results that affect everyone who is nearby and ...

As his Majesty says: “let the people come to me”.

Is the kingdom going badly?
Nooooooo. The kingdom is going smoothly…

Start Time: Friday, July 3, 2009 at 10:30am
End Time: Saturday, July 4, 2009 at 12:30pm
Location: Republic St., Valletta

PS. The second edition of the book fair dedicated to Maltese publications will still be open until tomorrow. Seeing that I hardly ever see anyone in Malta reading, take this opportunity or pop into a bookshop and be enticed by a book.

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