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Friday, October 10, 2008

Il-Manifest tal-Killer

An extra show of Il-Manifest tal-Killer will be performed this Sunday 1530 at MITP, Valletta. Call Sandro Vella on 79460527 for the few remaining tickets
Lemonhead’s next production is a stage adaptation of Karl Schembri’s Award winning fiction ‘il-manifest tal-killer’. This is Schembri’s second book, and Bryan read both of them. Karl’s first book ‘Taħt il-kappa tax-xemx’ left a great impression on Muscat were he expressed his desire of someday converting the book into a TV sit-com. However, Schembri’s second book offered a challenge into adapting it for the stage.

From the first pages of the script, Bryan was visualising the story unfolding on a stage, with the help of multi-media presentation format. Obviously, the idea is still being shaped, in its early stages of the script writing.

Producers Louise and Bryan met the author a few weeks ago and discussed certain changes that needed be done to fit a theatrical production. Karl only insisted on the ‘language’ of the dialogue not to be tampered with. Bryan strongly assured the author that the explicit foul language is so much an integral part of the story that it would be a completely different story if they were changed… so, yes, this production might offend an audience who are not used to the Maltese ‘ħamallaġni’...

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