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Friday, October 17, 2008

Forceful intervention

Malta voiced forceful interventions "in defense of the unborn and the traditional family" at the current session of the General Assembly of the UN, writes Piero Tozzi in Spero News in Texas:
At the United Nations (UN) this week the nations of Malta and Fiji issued forceful interventions in defense of the unborn and the traditional family, respectively, as the Third Committee of the General Assembly (GA) began to address agenda items for the current session.

The permanent representative of Malta, Ambassador Saviour F. Borg, stated that abortion remains illegal in his country, and “Malta firmly continues to maintain that any position taken or recommendations made regarding women empowerment and gender equality should not in any way create an obligation on any party to consider abortion as a legitimate form of reproductive health rights.”

The ambassador implicitly rebutted the claim, made by abortion rights activists and members of certain UN treaty bodies, that UN documents and treaties – specifically, the Convention of on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which Malta acceded to in 1991 – require member states to allow abortion. He pointed out that terms like “reproductive rights” and “control of fertility” have consistently been interpreted by Malta not to include abortion, a position the Ambassador reiterated..

In so doing, Malta and Fiji gave voice to sentiments often expressed in private by representatives of member states, though not always articulated so forcefully in public settings. Belarus was also lauded for making a strong pro-natalist statement and emphasizing the important role of mothers..

Malta made its statement in connection with the topic “Advancement of Women,” whereas Fiji’s remarks were made with respect to the “Rights of the Child.” Both are areas that the GA’s Third Committee, which deals with social issues, will take up in the current session, expected to run through the end of November.

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