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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Report from Malta

snemzer blogs about a month-long trip to England,Washington D.C., Martha's Vineyarda and Malta:

Yesterday, our first full day here, we drove all around Malta in a car we borrowed from Grace. I don't even remember everything we saw. For breakfast, we had pastitizi, made of a flaky, crumbly pastry, either filled with ricotta cheese or a mixture of peas and onions and spices. I had one of each...they were both good!

We started in Mdina (also written Medina), the silent city, but it wasn't very silent because there were loads of tour groups wandering around. There is a big port in Valletta, the capital, where cruise ships dock. It's an old walled city. After Mdina, we went to a place overlooking the Blue Grotto, which was so quiet and lovely. There are a few Blue Grottos in Europe and this is one of them..

We also drove up to an amazing place where you could see 3 ends of the island. In doing so, we passed the Red Tower, where they filmed "Troy" (apparently Jennifer Aniston stayed in Malta with Brad Pitt while he was filming) and "The Count of Monte Cristo". We went to one of the beach resorts and had some lovely gelato - I had one scoop of peach and one scoop of hazelnut. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think gelato tastes the same in America as it does in Europe.

Dawn just reminded me that we went to Ar-Lapsi as well yesterday - it has lovely little lagoons. There were some scuba divers going down there. Scuba diving is really popular here and there are many schools teaching it. I know there are at least 3 scuba divers on this email chain! There was a really cute dog who kept jumping into the water after a water bottle, then he would bring it up to his person, and the person would throw it back.

Today we took the bus to the capital city of Valletta. The buses are interesting. All of them are painted bright yellow and red. Some of them are really old - I would estimate from the 50s. The bus we rode from Valletta and back didn't have a door, just an open hole! Not that the bus was missing the door - it seemed to be normal! Valletta is a gorgeous city. There's a HUGE harbor which is the 3rd largest natural harbor in the world...

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