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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ghost in Malta

The yacht Ghost lands in Malta:

So after a trip down the South coast of Sicily where we picked up J Vo & Chris, we got to Malta a couple of days ago. Generally we weren't that impressed with Sicily which is pretty run down and the marinas are expensive and pretty rubbish! So it's great to be in Malta...

We spent the first night in Maltese waters at anchor off the neighbouring island of Comino - we had a great swim and then a barbie off the back of the boat. The boys tucked into Vodka till 3am which meant a bit of hungover sea-sickness on the sail towards Valetta!

We sailed into Msida marina yesterday, it's next to Valetta and right next door to a particularly helpful chandlery so hopefully we can fix up the remaining problems on the boat (service main engine which is still leaking a bit of oil, service outboard engine which is clunking, obtain replacement batten for mainsail, re-fix chartplotter which is resetting itself itself every 2 minutes yet again) and also INSTALL FANS. It's over 30 degrees in the day now, and over 22 at night with stifling humidity, Brad has done a fantastic job installing fans all over the boat so at least we can sleep!

Last night we headed into Valetta for a lovely dinner and stroll around the town. The architecture is fascinating, a complete mixture of styles with plenty to see including a definite partiality towards balconies!

Jo and Dunc joined us early this morning (3am) and swapped places with J Vo and Chris who headed home a bit later. We then did some sighseeing around Valtetta and in the palace state rooms and afterwards headed back to the marina for a swim and a siesta - we're definitely in relax mode now! We also have internet on the boat - what a luxury and toilets with toilet paper.. it's such a contrast to Sardinia and Sicily.

Tonight we're dining on the Black Pearl, an old timber sailing vessel which was used to push through ice in the Bering sea. It's right next door to the boat so perfect for a chilled out evening with the still farily svelt Jo, now 21 weeks pregnant.

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