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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

14th Street Girl

14th Street Girl is in her late 20s but "getting younger like Benjamin Button". She lives in Washington DC on 14th Street, where "one alternately trips over luxury condominiums and homeless people". From Tuesdays with (Maltese) Morrie:

Lest I let my tan begin to fade, it looks like I will be on the road again soon (fingers, toes, and eyes crossed)... my 87-year-old Maltese grandfather, who like me is a huge opera buff and an all-around cool guy, calls me the other day to let me know this up-and-coming Maltese tenor, Joseph Calleja (who we saw at the Met in Rigoletto in January and he ended up coming to dinner at our house - we did not make him sing for his supper, which I thought I was nice of us) is singing in Mdina, Malta in early July and do I want to go? Oh, and, gee, Jose Carreras is giving a concert, too and we're going to go to that. So then my dad calls and asks me to do him a favor and go to Malta for two weeks with my grandfather.

I guess everyone is worried about my grandfather getting around at his age, although I have to say (knock on wood), the guy's a champ for 87, he's probably going to beat me on the swim out to St. Paul's Island. Also, my cousin Charlie (70+ year old cousin at that) who is the most fun will be hanging out with us, so it'll be all the people I love there and I'll have them all to myself. Full disclosure - there is no full disclosure, there is no question that I am going to be in Malta faster than you can say old guys who love La Traviata. Oh, and I'm driving...

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