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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Missing tourism targets

The UK's SB Wire comments on the Malta Tourism Authority's record of missed targets:

The Malta holiday industry has received the latest target set by the island's tourism authority with more than a little sceptism after an announcement that a target of a million and half visitors a year to the island could be achieved in three years time. The Malta Tourist Authority has consistently set targets in the past that have failed to be met, and early signs for this year indicate a stagnation if not a dip in tourists visiting Malta.

Part of a new plan to increase tourism in Malta is to include promoting the neighbouring and quieter island of Gozo as a holiday destination and to increase accessibility to Malta. Commenting on the new targets, one independent Malta's travel guide say that there is nothing new or innovative in the tourist authority's plans that would make an increase in tourism likely to happen in itself.

'Unfortunately the Malta Tourist Authority to us sometimes resembles a planning office in the old Soviet bureauracy. Good at producing statistics, excellent at identify problems and what the future needs, but failing miserably to deliver anything like the targets they set. We feel that it is the private rather than the public sector that is more likely to increase tourist numbers to Malta, as they have a direct interest in seeing their plans work, while the tourist authority bureaucrats will still be drawing their salaries and annual leave whether or not the targets they set are met.'

One example the travel guide gives for poor Malta tourist figures is the delay in the introduction of low cost airlines to Malta and the possibility from that of an increase in tourist numbers. With official figures showing worrying signs that the number of tourists for 2006 visiting Malta could be similar, or perhaps even down from 2005, the opportunity for the island to have low cost flights operating from the UK appears to have slipped by for the all important summer season...

Blogger STAG said...

I promote Malta and Gozo as much as possible on my business web site, my blog, and my personal day to life as a Canadian. I could do more I suppose, and I shall. My negative experiences as a tourist are not all that many, and were pretty much all weather related. (February ... what can I say...grin!) I am looking forward to going back next May and do some diving, and maybe making it another "working vacation".
The Lonely Planet TV show did a wonderful episode on Gozo, for instance, and there are others. Tourism will be dropping all over now of course because of a)the drop in the American Dollar, b) the increase in ticket prices from North America because of high aircraft fuel prices, and c) the economic meltdown which will be keeping North Americans close to home.

This will be temporary. You have so much there, it is hard to stay away. 

Thursday, August 17, 2006 9:49:00 PM

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