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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Costly tourism

Malta to have third most costly tourist packages, by MaltaMedia News:

In 2007 Malta is forecasted to have the third most expensive tourist packages from Britain from all its competitors in the region, according to a British survey. Maltese prices will only be beat by those Cypriot and Egyptian. The average package price of a British holiday to Malta is expected to cost around Lm 331 (£523, €771). While Cyprus and Egypt package prices are expected to be even higher than those Maltese at Lm 452 (£715, €1,054) and Lm 433 (£685, €1,010) respectively, destinations such as Spain, Portugal and Greece could be considered as an alternative option to Malta because of their relatively cheaper prices.

Data from a British survey by AC Nielsen revealed how as of June 2006, Cyprus had the most expensive tourist packages from the UK from all its competitors in the region except Egypt, a survey in Britain reveals. Cyprus Mail reported that this year, Portugal ranked as the third most expensive but its prices are still around Lm63 cheaper than those of Cyprus and Egypt. Next year it is forecasted that while from Britain an average tourist package price to Spain, Portugal or Greece will cost Lm 304 (£481, €709), Lm 305 (£483, €712) and Lm 311(£492, €725), the average package to Malta will cost anything between Lm20 and Lm 27 more.

This might not be good news for the Maltese tourism scene, especially after Maltese tourism figures dwindled by 4.6% in June 2006 in a year-by-year comparison issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO). Earlier this week, data published in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism also revealed that the typical Mediterranean heat could have an adverse effect on number of tourists arriving in Malta.

Malta tourism in freefall, from Presse Mitteilung in Germany

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