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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Passport to Malta

Annie Ferguson from St. Louis, Missouri recently graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism with a minor in Geography. To complete her degree she is doing an internship at the Sigonella navy base in Sicily. This is the diary of her weekend trip to Malta:

..Altogether, there were 22 of us going to Malta. We got to the airport and all checked in and headed up to the "International gate." If you would see this airport, you would laugh. Its tiny and ghetto and their actually trying to make it into a liggett International Airport. Sitting in the airport was a blast, we were all meeting each other and I was hanging out mainly with the guys from Public Works (Seabees) and Joe. Our flight was ready and we had to walk down to the shuttle bus to ride 100 ft across the tarmack. Goofy huh? We were flying Air Malta. It was a really nice plane and we left at 6:00pm.

The plane ride was gorgeous flying over Southern Sicily and watching the ocean. It was only about a 40 minute plane ride and damn....Malta is small! We flew in, grabbed our stuff, went through customs, got my passport stamped (YEAH, i can stay at Sigonella for 3 more months now!!!), and met up with the tour guide lady who was driving us to the airport. We crammed into 2 vans and headed to Bay Street in St. Julians...

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