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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Born in Brazil and now a US citizen, Ivete Tecodor has just been to Malta with her boyfriend Adam. From Knotology:

I'm typing from Adam's laptop in the lobby of our hotel in Malta! Wireless hi-speed is amazing, especially when you can just log in wherever you take your computer. Who knew we'd get so addicted to the internet??

Anyway, Malta is amazing -- a bit windier than I'd like, but the sun is shining down brightly, I've sunned myself a bunch already, and we're only half-way done with the vacation week. I'm not sure I'll actually get much of a tan, but as we say back home (as in, in Brazil), I "got aired out" in the sun, and that's even more important. We've also gone on tours to see the island, which has a lot of history dating back to Roman times...

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