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Saturday, November 12, 2005

On the Town

Public events around the Maltese Islands are one of the things we're most often asked about at the MaltaMedia Online Network. Almost all the requests for such information comes from people outside Malta. Yet there's a growing number of Malta-based Internet users who are turning to the internet for information about what's on around the islands.

About 10 years ago, when the National Tourism Organisation of Malta (the Malta Tourism Authority's predecessor) entrusted me with the creation of Malta's official tourism website, an online calendar of events was one of the first things we built into the service. That website has now grown considerably since 1996, when it was first launched, and the events calendar section undoubtedly remains one of the most popular sources of information about what's on in Malta for tourists and other visitors to our country. However, there are other sites that offer similar information. Many times, these sites feature information that's not available on the official tourism website.

The most comprehensive site with details about what's on in Gozo comes from the island's Ministry. It's probably a little too official looking for some people's taste, and many of the events are indeed not exactly everyone's idea of fun. Still, it is a valuable resource no less.

Another site that features a fairly wide range of event listings is's X'Inhu Għaddej (What's On), which even attempted a TV tie-in a couple of years ago. This site is gear for all sorts of people, not just tourists. It's also very easy for event organizers to submit a listing of their own events. Actually, most of the items listed on calendar of events are submitted by the people organizing them. In this way, this service is quite useful not only for anyone interesting in finding out what's going on in the Maltese islands but also for anyone interested in publicizing any public event they've organized.

  • Submit an upcoming event to's X'Inhu Għaddej

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