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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Racing Horse Kohima

India's Web Newswire reports on a racing horse named "Kohima":

Horse Racing is a popular sport in Malta, a beautiful Mediterranean Island in Europe and a popular tourist destination. Many bet their money on "kohima", an Irish racing horse ridden by a female jockey Sarah Borg. It's yet to be known if the capital of Nagaland, Kohima inspired the name of that horse, but it is clear that the horse has qualities like toughness associated with Nagas. Giving Kohima company in the race course are other horses with interesting names like Beauty Number, Swing Dancer, One For The Moon, Coffeeshop CF, Goldbowler and so on. Since horse racing is still to catch up in our part of the world, watching "kohima" perform on TV won't be possible. We can only wish Kohima best of luck and that the horse wins many more races.

Horse racing Maltese style - Wired Temples

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