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Saturday, June 11, 2005


On Europe, Jürgen Habermas propagates "Core Europe" as the best means of accelerating the EU; Margot Wallstrom's Plan D for the European Constitution; From Sign and Sight, André Glucksmann on how the French no is the manifestation of a movement that cuts to the heart of Europe; CUNY's John Brenkman on how EU leaders must inspire their citizens with their vision of a democratic Europe; Timothy Garton Ash on Decadent Europe; From Der Spiegel, an article on Europe's atomic anachronism; From TLS, a review of books on the battle of the European Constitution; From The Globalist, an excerpt from Perpetual Power: Why Europe Will Run the 21st Century, and on the confessions of a Euroskeptic: Don't write off Europe; Frank Furedi on why the French people's rejection of the EU Constitution represents a positive political event; Harvard's Glyn Morgan on why Euroskeptics should be careful what they wish for: Without the EU, Europeans can kiss goodbye to security and prosperity; From TNR, why the French vote was good for Europe, and bad for America; The borders are closing: Et tu, Holland? Europe's suddenly a lot like Canada; And Bernard-Henri Levy is left aghast.

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