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Friday, March 18, 2005

European Onion

For fans of The Onion and MaltaFly, a new satirical site dedicated to European Union affairs has been created by keen insiders! One of the first victims of The European Onion was the Vice President of the European Commission Margot Wallstrom who blogs here. From Commissioner Wallström takes up Federalists’ cause' - note Malta comment):

ThE UnIoN's Propaganda Commissioner Margot Wallström was not doing her utmost to convince the people of Europe to vote Yes for the EU Constitution. This emerged during the February 23 meeting of the Federalist Intergroup in the European Parliament, which met again yesterday in Strasbourg to evaluate Wallström's actions following the publication, March 3, of her 10-Point Propaganda Strategy to sell the Constitution.

According to the fraternal minutes of the Federalist Intergroup, MEP Jo Leinen had been enraged at the Commission for not doing enough to campaign for its Constitution, while opponents were actively pursuing un-European activities with impunity. Among these detractors we find the "Referendum Group", whose MEPs are proposing an Alternative EU (pdf), and the European No Campaign, which is a subversive organization warding off the millions of euros pumped by the Commission, the European Parliament and the governments of member states in favour of ThE UnIoN's Constitution...

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