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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Cultural differences in Europe

Sharon Spiteri, a Maltese journalist based in Brussels, and boyfriend Petri Enden, a Finnish research engineer, describe their first impressions of each other's countries:

It was fun though to end up in a bar with Sharon's friends very late at night on Christmas Eve - a time when Finnish people traditionally stay at home with their family.

Before my first visit to Malta, I was expecting it to be a bit more traditional than Finland in terms of relationships, since it had taken Sharon a lot of preparation and courage to finally confess to her mum that we were moving in together.

However, judging by the amount of Christmas presents we got for our home, I think everyone was OK about it after the initial fuss.

I would say that there are definitely more things that unite Malta and Finland than divide them With regard to politics, one day we were following the outcome of the Finnish elections in a bar here in Brussels, and Sharon was surprised that supporters of different political parties were peacefully watching the outcome together.

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